Thursday, January 22, 2009

Eight Pounds to Go

And you can see where every bit of it is in this photo, which the Badger snapped yesterday as I was leaving to go shopping and he was feeling silly.

My goal is to have it all off by the Ides of March. One year from when I started this whole endeavor.

As part of this final push, I have sworn off sugar until March 15th. I do this periodically because I am addicted to sugar, and I don't just say "addicted" casually. Once I've had a taste of it all I can think about is how I can get my hands on more and if I can I eat until I am ill. I would love to be able to eat it moderately like normal people do and just enjoy one slice of cake at a party or bake cookies and eat only 2 or 3, but I haven't got to that point yet. Either is ruling my life or I have to avoid it entirely. So I go through these periods where I avoid it.

I try to allow myself other treats when I am off sugar. Over the years I have come up with quite a few munchies and snacks that I like when I am "on the wagon" and it's fun to rediscover them. Dried apricots. I had forgotten how much I love dried apricots (natural sugar doesn't kick off the same reaction as refined so I'm safe with fruit.) Golden raisins mixed with almonds. Dates. Stuff like that. And I can handle honey, so I've got some good recipes for baked stuff with honey. Like pumpkin carob cookies. And I'll try to post some more of them if I have time.

Here's to health!

(I can't believe I just posted a picture of my backside on the internet!)
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Jenilyn said...

I have a similar problem with chocolate. And I find that, when I stop eating it, I don't miss it and when I try it again, I don't even like it. And then I find myself back eating the entire double batch of triple chocolate cookies. Good luck with the final 8!

Andrea said...

Hey, I just stopped by from Mormon Mommy Blogs. I have a sugar problem too, and dried apricots are one of my favorite snacks--when I'm being good, that is. ;)

Annalea said...

Birrd, if it helps any, sugar is a refined chemical compound--not a food. Scientifically speaking, it's an isolate; the same term used to describe prescription drugs. It's known to be addictive, and so you're not "abnormal" . . . you're as normal as it comes when it comes to sugar. ;o)

I'm like Jenilyn. When I was reeeealllly good about no sugar (or chocolate!), I didn't like it any more. Carob tasted far better to me.

And after this bug I've got, I've sworn off sugar for G.O.O.D.