Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Oak Trees

I am so happy to have OAK TREES in my yard!

The one in the front yard is perfectly framed by our bay window.

When I look out my kitchen window, I get to admire the one in back. Oaks are so cool. They have a beautiful shape, beautiful leaves, and ACORNS!!! I love acorns! Plus, oaks just have this feeling about them of timelessness, strength, wisdom and awareness. They're the kind of trees I really wish I could talk to because I know I could learn a lot from them.

The boys have had a blast in the backyard on mild days playing with the leaves that are all over the place. They wish the oaks were better climbing trees, but they love the leaves and are enchanted by the acorns. We should all remember to be enchanted by acorns, don't you think?Posted by Picasa


Anna said...

Sarah- your place looks great! I'm so glad you all made the trek safely. You're gone and soon Rachel will be gone too- sniff. We hope you all have a blast in your new home!

Annalea said...

I do love oaks, too. I dearly, dearly miss the monstrous, 100+ year old live oaks on the ranch in California. They were trees that I felt actually knew me . . . distinctly different from the Eucalyptus nearby, that seemed so aloof. (Am I crazy yet? lol) The best part about the oaks was that no matter how hard the wind blew (even up to 80mph!), the oaks would sway and creak, but never loose a branch or tip at all. Those shallow-rooted, Australian Eucalyptus trees would fall clean over . . . all 75-100 feet of them. It was a huge blessing that the two that fell missed all of the buildings and such. One fell into a field, and the other fell plumb on the road--the garage & pumphouse on one side, and the fences and bunk house on the other!